Welcome to 18th UAPA 2021 International Salon

United artist photographic association limited , cordially invite you to submit entries to the 18th Int’l Salon 2021 which will be held at the Floor 4, Exhibition Gallery of Hong Kong Cultural Centre from 29 Aug to 1 Sep 2021. The exhibition is open to public.

歡迎光臨影聯攝影學會第十八屆 2021 國際沙龍比賽

影聯攝影學會誠摯邀請您參加 18屆國際沙龍 2021 年的參加作品,該展覽將於 2021 年8 月29日 至 9 月 1日 在香港文化中心四樓展覽館舉行。展覽向公眾開放。

About Us

United artist photographic association limited was founded in early 1981 and registered as a non-profit-making association with the Hong Kong Government. It was later approved by the Government as a charity in 2007. Inheriting the purpose of this association, is to promote the arts and feedback to the society. Based on the founder of the Committee is enthusiastic film artists, and the operation of the funds by the enthusiasm of the film predecessors, friends sponsor, the use of real means of sales, non-profit purpose of the development of business. At the beginning of the establishment of the Association, the number of registered members was only a few dozen. After the president and members of the board of directors, they worked hard to organize and organize activities to promote the conference activities. The number of members has developed to more than a few thousand people, and it has spread throughout Europe, the United States, Canada and China…etc.

影聯攝影學會創辦於一九八一年初,並在香港政府登記註冊成為非牟利之社團,再在二零零七年尾獲得政府 認可升格為慈善團體。繼承本會宗旨是發揚影藝、服務社會。基於本創辦之委員乃熱心影藝者,而會務運 作之經費乃由熱心影藝的前輩、朋友贊助,採用實報實銷方式,仍以非牟利為目的發展會務。本會成立初 期登記會員人數只有數十人而已,經歷屆會長及理事委員,盡心辦理、群策群力推廣會務活動,發展至今 ,會員人數已達超過幾仟人,並遍佈歐、美、加及國內等地。

United artist photographic association limited has held monthly meetings since1981.The monthly meetings was held on the first of Tuesday in every month in the London Restaurant located in Good Hope Building, 612 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Kowloon. The event is starts at 7 pm and has a member dinner on the evening. There are have model for shooting event, also vote The Best of the monthly and special event lighting will have the prizes of diverse groups included is Group A, Group B, Digital Group, Student Group, Lighting Group and other unique events.

本會由一九八一年至今每月定期舉行月會。現時每月第一個星期二,假座九龍旺角彌敦道612號好望角大 厦(旺角港鐵站E2出口)倫敦大酒樓,作為每月之月會活動:晚上七時開始,當晚除有會員聚餐外,還舉 辦燈光模特兒造像,供影友及來賓拍攝及設燈光專題賽事,並有會員每月的照片比賽,分為甲組、乙組、 數碼組、學員組、燈光組及其他專題賽事,並設有獎盃及獎品。

Fellowship of Hon.Member(HON.F.UAPA) and Honorary Member (HON. UAPA) awarded to special person only who have contribution whatever overseas, domestic and local media Title of (F. UAPA) and (A. UAPA) application can open to public.

本會設有名銜制度:榮譽高級會士(HON. F. UAPA)及榮譽會員(HON. UAPA),不設投考,只頒發給 與海外、國內、本港之影藝傑出成就人仕或本會會員,並在會務上特別有貢獻者。另設名銜投考組別:高 級會士名銜(F. UAPA)申請及會士名銜(A. UAPA)申請。

Contact Us

Address 地址:
United artist photographic association limited
Rm 905, 9th Floor, Block A, Fuk Keung Industrial Building, 66-68, Tong Mei Road, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon, HONG KONG S.A.R., CHINA
香港九龍大角咀塘尾道 66-68 號, 福強工業大厦A座9樓905室

Mail Box 郵箱:
P.O. Box 70459, Kowloon Central Post Office

+852 2395 4340

Mr. Yuen Seung Hung

(Salon General Chairman)